Our Vision

Dunamis is a Greek word from the Bible that means the Supernatural Power of God.  God's Dunamis is the ultimate fuel that powers Dunamis Prison Ministries to transform inmates, their families and our community.


Dunamis  Prison Ministries, Inc exists to disciple, mentor, and support inmates and their families in regenerating their lives to develop life transforming relationships with Jesus Christ, and to transition into being a productive member of their community living an abundant, Godly life.

Get To Know Dunamis

Enjoy this short video of introduction from our Executive Director and Founder, Chris Terzan, alias "Tarzan", alias Christos.

Our Story

Dunamis Prison Ministries is a new, very quickly growing nonprofit organization.  Our comprehensive long term approach spans helping people in prison and after release from prison; then as they learn and grow, we help them and their families transform and transition permanently back into freedom and full citizenship.  We help offenders and ex-offenders transform themselves into hopeful, productive "returning citizens" instead of falling into their old bad habits of slippery faces and slippery places, addictions, violence, ruined relationships, and sadly a heart breaking return to prison.

Our Founder, Chris Terzan, was once a stable, hard working family man, Chris became addicted and was transformed by addiction into a hardened criminal working with a crime syndicate in Phoenix.

Now for the rest of the story


In 2010 Chris's addictions resulted in an extended stay of about 6 years in prison, resulting in losing his family and his freedom. Chris entered prison August 9, 2010.  Three years into his prison sentence, Chris joined a Christian based Celebrate Recovery addiction recovery group.  He was astounded that the men in the group all seemed happy, but in the prison yard, no one was happy.  Chris wondered why every single man in the Celebrate Recovery group was happy, and he soon found out why.


In the next month Chris found out the reason was all the men in the group were Christians.  The men in the group soon helped Chris undertand what Christ did on the cross for Chris, and Chris asked God to forgive him and take control of his life.   God took control and He forgave Chris and Chris became a "new creation".  Chris was suddenly on fire for developing a close relationship with God and spent his remaining 3 years in prison reading and memorizing the bible, in bible studies, and being taught by the "116 Gangsters", which was the nickname in the prison yard for the Christian men in prison. 

So, why the name 116 gangters?  The name is a reference to Romans: 1:16 in the bible:  


For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, ...

The 116 gangsters chose their name so their name would frequently proclaim to their fellow prisoners to join them in the gospel (Good News), to become men or women of Christ, to have faith, to be just, and to realize the power (Dunamis) they have from God.


As Chris progressed learning and maturing, he was inspired by God to start a Christian prison ministry once he was freed from prison.  For the remainder of his incarceration Chris spent countless hours ministering to other men.  In early 2015 Chris was released from prison and became "Free at last!"  to pursue his new dream and calling to start a Christian prison ministry. 


Dunamis focuses on people like Chris that have had made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, Dunamis.


The Dunamis dream that God gave Chris in prison to start a nonprofit Christian prison ministry came true in February 2019 when Dunamis Prison Ministries was launched with Chris as our dynamic leader.  With his unbridled passion for mentoring and teaching inside and outside of prisons, "Tarzan" (Chris's prison nickname) has mobilized Dunamis volunteers, local churches, and government and nongovernmnment organizations.  This diverse group of passionate people have helped hundreds of "returning citizens" by working together to tranform inmates and ex-inmates lives from lives of desperation to lives of hope, love of God and family, and to be productive, generous citizens of their communities.

To see more of our exciting story, just click on "WHO WE ARE" and click on "OUR FOUNDER'S STORY".

Our Invitation To You

Please explore our website and the many opportunities to pray, volunteer or donate your time, treasures and talent.  We invite you to join us in doing God's work to tranform the Kingdom of Tucson and see His will done here on earth.  You will be glad you did!

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering ...

Hebrews 13:3

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other,

just as Christ Jesus forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32

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